Author: Raymond Hekmat

What If My Spouse Refuses Divorce?

While refusing to divorce makes the process more arduous, you can’t prevent divorce by ignoring it. Across all 50 states, you can still divorce even if one partner refuses to cooperate. Because all states allow for some form of no-fault divorce, you don’t have to assign blame or provide a reason for divorcing. Cooperation between … Continued

4 Tips For Approaching The Prenup Convo

I know—talking about prenups is hard and can bring up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. But diving in and doing this work is imperative to building a solid foundation for your marriage. It’s especially important to have deep discussions around money early on. Rest assured, I’ll cover what questions to ask to get on the … Continued

Is My Prenup Valid If I Move States?

Is your prenup valid if you move to another state? The short answer is yes. A prenup created in one state is valid in another state as long as you put a few safeguards in place. Here’s what that entails. Prenup Laws Across States First, you should know prenup laws vary between states. Prenuptial agreements … Continued