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Cohabitation Agreements: Why Unmarried Couples Need One

A cohabitation agreement, also known as a “living together agreement” is a legal contract detailing the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of unmarried couples living together. With the rate of marriage declining, it’s become more normal for couples to move in together long-term without legalizing their union. This is where a cohabitation agreement can be a … Continued

Co-Parenting Through COVID and Beyond

These unprecedented times have placed you in unfamiliar territory as a divorced parent. This article details how to overcome co-parenting obstacles that may persist—not only in 2020 or 2021—but for the foreseeable future.

5 Keys to a Peaceful Divorce

Done cordially, divorce can be a stepping stone to achieving your personal goals while minimizing collateral damage. Not only can your divorce be peaceful, it can be successful! Learn five fundamental principles which directly contribute to an amicable separation.