Prenuptial Agreement Planner


Get your prenup done — the right way.

What questions do you need to answer when crafting a prenup?

Use this Planner to comprehensively guide you through questions about finances including current cash, debts, credit, and budget. You’ll come away with a clear picture of how money plays a role in your lives, details to structure your finances as a married couple, and building blocks for building your financial future together.



What You’ll Find in This Planner:

  1. Intake: What You’ve Got & What You Owe
  2. Budgeting: Current Income & Spending
  3. Questions on How to Handle Joint Finances
  4. Goals & Planning

Don’t stress over whether or not your prenup is done correctly. This prenup workbook is designed to make sure you and your partner have all your bases covered heading into a successful marriage.


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