Talking Money: A Conversation Guide for Couples


Get this Essential Guide to Talking Money With Your Partner.

Do you know what conversations you must have with your partner BEFORE getting married?

It can feel uncomfortable, messy or scary, but you need to talk about money. Not just so you can plan for your future and your shared goals as a couple (although that is super important), but perhaps, more importantly, so that you understand each other’s relationship to money, how finances play a role in your lives together, and how each of you defines value.



What do you need to talk about with your partner before getting married?

Here are a few crucial topics for discussion that we encourage our clients to talk through with their partners:

  • How was money treated in your house while growing up?
  • Would you like to differentiate between individual and joint expenses?
  • Is there a number that feels like “enough” money individually or jointly as a household?
  • How do you feel about sharing numbers related to your personal finances?

Find more vital questions to answer with your partner in this guide before you tie the knot.


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